Monday, October 12, 2015

What the Citizens Said

On October 17 2015, the City of Tasikmalaya up the age of 14, a post-split from Tasikmalaya District in 2001. Many of which must be addressed. Need to be constantly reminded of. So, what people said at the moment so Tasikmalaya this time?

 Arif Abd. Adaqil (anti-corruption activist who is also a former Chairman of PMII Tasikmalaya): I see there are two fundamental things that until now has not fulfilled or complied with. The second fundamental thing is also the promise of Bu-De (Budi-Dede). Is the professionalism of the performance of the bureaucracy and increased purchasing power. Professionalism performance, for example. I saw the placement of civil servants in the government's home town sits. Many officials who occupy positions, but not in accordance with the expertise / competence. If it were so, what might work in a professional bureaucracy? Certainly not!
The second is an increase in purchasing power. As known, this is the year the increase in purchasing power, as well as the work program / leadership Budi with Dede. The program is ideally able to create jobs so that is proportional to push the unemployment rate in the city of Tasikmalaya. The proof, the number of job seekers is still swollen. Even from the data I have, numbering in the thousands. Irony again, in which there are also graduates. That is, the city government failed to create jobs. The program to improve purchasing power failure.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tasikmalaya Mayor Performance Challenge Reporters

Priangan daily news conveys information about the inaugural board PWI Tasikmalaya. For some people, may already be familiar with the term presence of reporters mock, or WTS (without a newspaper reporter). WTS action is undoubtedly in the middle of the journalist profession impression now increasingly loved.
"I've got a friend. Could be called, I knew exactly who the friend is. Clearly he is not a journalist initially. Uh, suddenly I met yesterday, he already holds the status of journalists, "said Mayor Tasikmalaya, H. Budi Budiman when officials confirmed the PWI Tasikmalaya, 2014-2017 tenure in the White House pavilion, Tasikmalaya.
Expression of the mayor and invite attention consistent performance of the media crew. The definition Budi, he was not allergic to reporters. Instead, he is very much in need of the presence of the reporter or the performance of the press, which incidentally is now the mayor position, would need a means of public information in relation to guarding performance, socialization programs, etc..
"But I deplore is the action of an individual or the claim to reporters. They do not know the duties (duties and functions) real journalist. They even often acting up and not a few have come to feel aggrieved by the action, "said Mayor Tasikmalaya.
Budi sure, work with news reporters, to be accounted for, rather than misleading or even pitting. He also gives attention proportional journalists work. What bothered a mayor with five years of leadership to deliver the program, and socialization, if it must be done alone. But with the presence of the press, so lightly purposes.
In the context of a common interest in building the nation, the mayor invites journalis ranks, especially in the PWI Tasikmalaya always together, playing himself, in the public interest. He warned, many media crew works to the benefit concerned with motivation.
 "Because I often feel strange, diverting the issue on the activities that I run, shaping public opinion, thus inviting protests," he said.
Budi also welcomed the enactment of the competency test plan journalists (UKW), which was initiated by the press council and PWI. UKW will establish the capability or competence of journalists. "So the position of reporter tested quality, more professional journalists pushing task and proportional," Budi added.
PWI Branch Chairman of West Java, Mirza Zulhadi his speech read on secretary, Uyun Ahadiat, freedom of the press is guaranteed as a right of citizens. The task of the press run for the benefit of the public functions of the state. But freedom must be based on a sense of responsibility, "he said.
Uyun added, the results of the verification of the Press Council earlier this month, there were 4,093 journalists in Indonesia who had pocketed UKW certificate.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Report on Financial Aid & Financial Loans Companies Pertaining to On The Web Schooling

Priangan of new york daily news this time with news of the Report on Financial Aid. Expertise is crucial need to thrive in this world. The person who Demands to carry on and stay in existence any increased Residing comprehensive associated with Magnificence must obtain the mandatory understanding and Get the required Qualifying measures. Although it is really imperative meant for life, until recently numerous very poor folks who will be specific precisely how not able to produce do their particular studying Costs and still Divest removed from this kind of will need by Important smut course mastering.

Since we are currently Live in an Informed mankind right now there folks Know about a person's being liberties as well as Attempt to meet up with these, many Interactions, a variety of are generally Non-takings and also trusts, have got enjoyed their own core job inside the Property training these very poor population. A number of the Agencies and also websites that will existing this kind of financial Help solutions created for mastering are usually since referred to below:

1. United states learning Providers
A couple of. Very b Tax assistance, Scholarships and Pupil Fund Three. Student Assistance on the world wide web

Each one of these non-public and also got companies as well as sites presents Pupils with the financial to discover their particular each review costs over the Aid of discover the exceptional start, university and online universities on their behalf, As well as the appropriate certification regardless of whether on the internet or on-campus. These financial tend to be Go back able in Services when accomplishment of course and also include smallest revenue whilst scholarship grants along with federal government Money are usually Non-returnable amount of Cash that students acquire as an Award for his or her Do well. To support you Additional Details associated with over Explained organizations tend to be because described below:

1. American learning Companies: Increasing after a little Level of only Forty six hundred university student Intentional financing throughout '64, National learning Services any department of PHEAA may be the biggest, full-service tax assistance associations inside the condition.
Providing fund associated with $11,168,840 during 2009 which is 660,365 lower than fund Authorized inside 2008, the Relationship has Committed very little total heartedly, the energy, indicates and also Ideas to make affordable speak to superior mastering regarding Pupils along with their families that are is not capable to come across his or her research charges. American mastering Solutions is Conceited to get carries on Operations task inside rising contemporary ground-breaking ways to slow up the economic Tons of Individuals, while streamlining financial help submission Structure regarding Websites.

2. Very b Financial aid, College Scholarships as well as Student Financing: B Financial aid for organizations, universities, along with colleges is a prize-winning web site that has become your mainly comprehensive complete reference associated with pupil tax assistance data, Recommendations and also tools - on or off the web. The web site provides total specifics of the particular financial and scholarships or grants which could supply to be able to Students in the higher education or even commence of these preference.
Generating status for the best monetary assist donor web site, Fin Aid provides obtained the standing of recognition in several recognized Writers as well as reviews.

The brand new York Every day Information re-named Fin Aid while "the Newest Site on the Internet for fiscal help Data. Inch Concerning to the Chicago Sun-Times it can be "the best destination to originate a new look", As well as "the grand-daddy of every World wide web sites" while stated with the Boston World. Your website furthermore features prevailed various Remarkable and Unique Advantages through the College Table, the country's Connection associated with Student School funding Staff (NASFAA), the National Connection associated with Graduate as well as Specialist Students and also the U . s . Institute regarding General public Program.

Several. Pupil Aid on the internet: Federal government novice help, a company of the Oughout.Utes. Office regarding studying, performing a central, central along with needed primary part inside Our country's post secondary studying place.

The Aim of this particular Section is always to guarantee that every Students are Getting the benefits of his or her federal Help, fund and lots of other providers given by the federal government University student assist : addressing understanding past secondary school. Every year the particular division assist $100 billion to just about 18 thousand correct post secondary Learners in addition to their households. The staff composed of 14 hundred or so people along with operating out of five cities within Adding to California he, can be current to aid students within the Receiving of the essential training course as well as managing of their monetary Spending. Despite the fact that studying is dear but these financial Scholarships and also finance emits the particular aspect of Stress of scholars with regards to his or her study professions.

Resource Area: Ronnie Williams can be a staff writer for TheOnlineSchools.web - Education Reinvented! Find on the web schools, on-line schooling levels, packages, training, certifications and an excellent understanding resource for on the web universities educational institutions and also schools.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nevi S Melani: Want Success Despite many Communication

Priangan daily news this time featuring a figure that midwife coordinator Nevi S Melani. When acquiring trust a midwife coordinator (Bidkor) Culamega Public Health Center, which has a distinctive character and rough terrain, the consequences that must be accepted by nevi S Melani, as a servant of the state, after a long time he served in North Tasikmalaya region.
Some of the challenges facing her directly, including the distance and rough terrain, when I have visited six villages. There are six villages in the hills. Distance away from the district capital, and the mileage reaches one hour drive from her house Eureunpalay Village District of Cibalong.

However, the condition does not necessarily make her discouraged. Beginning her midwife coordinator had been appointed directly to the field to visit the village midwife, village government representatives, and the public.

According to the energetic single women, a new challenge will be to make life more meaningful sense, that's one of the motivations and the principles of life, after deciding the servant of the state. This means that wherever we are assigned must always be ready. Similarly, when I was assigned in the region Culamega. "Eagerly I immediately made a communication to all midwives, village government, cadres, and the elements of society, by visiting a number of villages. Alhamdulillah with the initial step of the duties and responsibilities of the weight of it being so light, because there is communication and coordination of all elements. Moreover, when carrying out their duties, we also continue to apply the principles 5 S (smiles, greetings, polite, and courteous) in providing services to the community, "she said.

Nevi now with seven midwives and 11 midwives from the health center ready to carry out the duties and obligations of serving the community in the areas of maternal health, children, families, and communities. "To carry out our evaluation meets all the midwives every Monday. This is in order to know the extent of achievement of the work, as well as issues that arise. Importantly we also continue to provide guidance directly to the cadres (health posts), and keeping coordination with the whole tradition of cross-cutting elements, in order to create togetherness, "Nevi said.***

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