Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nevi S Melani: Want Success Despite many Communication

Priangan daily news this time featuring a figure that midwife coordinator Nevi S Melani. When acquiring trust a midwife coordinator (Bidkor) Culamega Public Health Center, which has a distinctive character and rough terrain, the consequences that must be accepted by nevi S Melani, as a servant of the state, after a long time he served in North Tasikmalaya region.
Some of the challenges facing her directly, including the distance and rough terrain, when I have visited six villages. There are six villages in the hills. Distance away from the district capital, and the mileage reaches one hour drive from her house Eureunpalay Village District of Cibalong.

However, the condition does not necessarily make her discouraged. Beginning her midwife coordinator had been appointed directly to the field to visit the village midwife, village government representatives, and the public.

According to the energetic single women, a new challenge will be to make life more meaningful sense, that's one of the motivations and the principles of life, after deciding the servant of the state. This means that wherever we are assigned must always be ready. Similarly, when I was assigned in the region Culamega. "Eagerly I immediately made a communication to all midwives, village government, cadres, and the elements of society, by visiting a number of villages. Alhamdulillah with the initial step of the duties and responsibilities of the weight of it being so light, because there is communication and coordination of all elements. Moreover, when carrying out their duties, we also continue to apply the principles 5 S (smiles, greetings, polite, and courteous) in providing services to the community, "she said.

Nevi now with seven midwives and 11 midwives from the health center ready to carry out the duties and obligations of serving the community in the areas of maternal health, children, families, and communities. "To carry out our evaluation meets all the midwives every Monday. This is in order to know the extent of achievement of the work, as well as issues that arise. Importantly we also continue to provide guidance directly to the cadres (health posts), and keeping coordination with the whole tradition of cross-cutting elements, in order to create togetherness, "Nevi said.***

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