Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dozens of patients RSU Dr. Slamet Garut displaced

Dozens of patients in the Emergency (IGD) General Hospital (RSU) Dr. Slamet Garut abandoned and left without immediate treatment. This of course made the patient's family, so some of them are forced to move to the other hospital.
According to Mustari (42), the patient's family of origin Ranggalawe Garut Road, Sunday (28/12) admitted, was forced to immediately move his family to another hospital, is because after two days of the RSU Dr. Slamet, the family also did not immediately dealt with.
"I wonder, after treated for two days in space IGD RSU Garut, patients, including my family is also not handled properly. Doofus They were given just enough, without any other treatment. When I ask the sisters, their handling is more wait Incoming doctors working, because during the holidays, doctors do not enter, "said Mustari.
He added, the condition is very alarming, the situation worsened by a room that is not comfortable, so that the votes are not healthy to be used as emergency room care. "Therefore, we decided to move patients to other hospitals, with the hope of getting a decent treatment," he said.
When asked for responses, the head of RSU Dr. Slamet Garut, dr. Widjajanti Utoyo, in short messages via the SPM (SMS) said, while this is indeed the cumulation occurred in the patient room IGD. It is admitted never happened before.
"We admit, the limited capacity of space-patient, patient services resulted in slightly hampered," he said.
Widjajanti promised, the government can solve these problems immediately, so that services to patients can be handled as quickly as possible.
Meanwhile, Regional Secretary (provincial secretary), Garut, Wowo Wibowo asserts, the delay of treatment to patients in the room IGD, it should never happen. Whatever the reason, according to Wowo, services to patients in the room IGD must still be done so that they are not abandoned.
Wowo also promised to immediately evaluate the quality of the performance of the management of RSU Slamet, so the event his abandoned tens of patients in the room IGD is not repeated again later in the day.

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