Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nagreg point occlusion 5 hours

Back flow of traffic from the point day-2 Malangbong - Nagreg, Friday yesterday, stuck around 5 hours more since at 08.00 to 15.00. The queue of vehicles at the point Malangbong - Nagreg is likely still trapped stuck to evening.
From the results of monitoring the "PR" in the Post Gatur Malangbong, at 15:00 pm yesterday and is still visible bogged run-stopping stagnant. Police officers forced to divert the flow of traffic through Malangbong-Wado-Sumedang, to avoid Nagreg density at the point.
Stand in line thousands of four-wheeled vehicles visible stand in line since Malangbong road to Cardiff, Flyover Rajapolah, Canterbury and throughout more than 30 km. Meanwhile, thousands of two-wheeled vehicles are forced to take the right path is your new point here, the scenery is so dangerous to the user's point opposite direction.
While the vehicle is running choked-stagnant but occasionally visible logjam in the middle of their trip. According to the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs Dikdik Hendrajaya, back flow of traffic H 1 on Wednesday to point Limbangan, from the direction of the Bandung-Tasikmalaya recorded as many as 31,322 vehicles, or an average rise of 17.26% H 1 years ago. "The total number of H 1 to as many as 248,752 vehicles or average rose 28.45% of last year.
Amount In the same period (193,653 vehicles). Direction-Lake Bandung 26730 vehicles, the average - the average rise of 142.63% H 1 last year. Peak back flow occurred at 13.00-14.00 to the amount of 2,668 vehicles at that hour.
Not only the traffic jams on the road only for Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1429 H, I miss tourist attraction in Garut district visited by many domestic tourists. Objects tour Cipanas Tokoroa and Situ Bagendit Subdistrict Bayuresmi, and the temple Cangkuang Subdistrict Leles going to domestic tourists visited Thursday, which come from various corners of the region in Garut regency and Garut districts from the outside, such as Bandung and Jakarta.
Visitors only be willing - on the insistence objects arranged tours and hot water temple Cangkuang Bagendit although there are also debit the water is less dense in the still visit the visitors, in addition to view and enjoy the tourism objects, some visitors take advantage of history with relatives fellow visitors.
Meanwhile, the object of the tour Unfortunately Heulang and Santolo visited thousands of visitors to 10, not to visitors on lodging and visitors gathered in select coastal santolo lips and I heulang. Kompoy motorcycle continuously coming up Friday morning toward the object
and coastal Santolo Unfortunately Heulang. To attract tourists visit, tomorrow Saturday at the beach Santolo, Disparbud District. Hope will present the international art Dangerman. It is delivered Kadisparbud Garut Pemkab through the Head of Public Relations, Drs Dikdik Hendrajaya.

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