Monday, October 13, 2008

Thousands of Applicants Yellow Card "Defence" Disnakersostran

Manpower Office, Social and Transmigration (Disnakersostran) Garut districts in the Patriot Road overcrowding manufacturer/applicant card yellow. In the period of 2 weeks, recorded thousands of card manufacturer yellow, which came to Disnakersostrans, with the average number of Rat creator of the yellow cards per day reached 150-250 people.
Head Disnakersostrans Garut regency, Elka Nurhakimah, Monday (13/10) said, hikes the number of yellow card manufacturer is occurred since the first day of the incoming post office long holiday Idul Fitri 1429 H. Huge up yellow card manufacturer
continued to occur until now, so that the amount in the last two weeks have been reach thousands of people.
"On the first day of incoming work, precisely on October 6 and Monday, the number of yellow cards manufacturer has reached more than 200 people. it until the next day, including on this day huge up yellow card manufacturer still happen," said Elka.
It is said, many cell manufacturer yellow card came, some staff members have been several days this forced overtime work until 17.00. Even on Saturday, at staff working in the yellow card services such as forced entry the day-to-day work.
The occurrence hikes yellow card manufacturer, which occurred several days. This last, according to Elka, not many citizens irrespective of Garut. who intend to find a job outside the region, especially in cities large, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, and a number of large cities another. Except that, another reason the number of teh huge
up card manufacturer yellow, because of information about the opening of registration CPNS environment in Garut regency government.
"Maybe that is the most dominant factors that cause the huge up creator of the number of yellow cards at this time," he added. The Huge Up manufacturer yellow card in the Office Disnakersostrans, recognized Elka, indeed exquisite. How not, each of the previous day average came to the office around 3-4 people. However, the two have been latest this week the number could reach more than 200 people in day.
29,000 unemployed
From year to year, the number of unemployment in the district Hope continues to increase. Based on data available at Office of Labor, Social and Transmigration (Disnakersostrans) Garut, in the year 2007 reached 115,000 unemployed person. Meanwhile, up to the end of July 2008, the number increased to 29,000 unemployed.
According to Elka Nurhakimah, the number of unemployed workers can be views from the creator of the number of yellow cards that come to Disnakersostrans.
"They make a yellow card for the purpose of the search work. From these data we can deduce that up to the end July, unemployment in Garut reached 29,000 people, in accordance with the number of yellow cards manufacturer, which came to office us," said Elka.
Elka hope, with the policies of the Governor Jabar, Dota Addict Heryawan, with the program, create employment that is able to provide employment to one million people, can reduce high employment in Garut at this time.
"Hopefully with these policies Pa Governor, can reduce the number of unemployment in Garut, which is high," she war.

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