Monday, October 13, 2008

KPU Garut Use System Quick Count

In the implementation of the elections, Garut regency on Oct. 26, 2008 to
facilitate and accelerate the information in a number of sound calculation Polling stations, the General Election Commission (KPU) to prepare the device Garut "quick
count "(quick calculation system).
According to the KPU members, Dadang Sudrajat, through the system The following hardware and software using SMS, such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and a number of other instruments, each polling stations can finally direct result of information reported earnings voice in the place each to the KPU, without the need to report it through or to PPK.
Thus, KPU Garut can be more quickly informed of the results elections while gaining a voice to the public. Dadang explained, the government has been working with the LP Sistel Tekhnik Faculty of the University of Garut in the use of the system.
To prevent things that are not desired or became of false report, the addition or subtraction results gaining a voice, the KPU has been anticipating the system to do that, with the way legislate previous mobile phone numbers will be used to the report. Betimes later, so if people are fraudulent or I use that number will not be able to enter
operator in the center (KPU Office of Garut, red).
According to Dadang, earnings results by using a sound system a quick count only temporary, because the data remains accurate results from the calculation of the sound made manually. Only, only, more people, after a through study of the reality truth the results of the system is working, 80% can be accountable accuracy.
According to the plan, the device will begin to be distributed a number of polling stations several days before the implementation election done.
"But we will before first uses of the device socialization proces to each of the PPK, because the chance, on Wednesday (15/10) tomorrow we will work closely with all members of PPK which will be attended by the chairman, secretary, treasurer and the
KDP. In the event Therefore we will also try to socialize device so that they understand how to use, " said Dadang.

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