Saturday, October 11, 2008

Should Not be campaigning in Places of Worship and Government Facilities

Mosques and places of worship and other facilities and facilities owned the government is not allowed to be used as a place of campaigning by the partner and vice regent candidates Garut district. The same is not allowed for political parties or candidates for legislative members (caleg)
for campaigning.
It reiterated Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU) District Garut, M. Iqbal Santoso, after the events following the delivery of the vision and mission programs candidates and vice regent in Garut district, Garut Jl. Patriot the local parliament building, Thursday (9/10).
"Whatever the reason, mosques and government offices can not are campaigning. Meanwhile, places such as the hall office village, and other public places owned basically can only be place of origin are campaigning permission from the owner, and not disrupt the people around, "said Iqbal.
According to Iqbal, the candidates also are limited in their campaigns by the time. So that they do nekad campaign in place forbidden, and outside the specified time must be stopped activities.
Installation campaign attributes regard, Iqbal said, there are also provisions. Attribute campaign can not be installed in place of cleanup, especially that can disrupt the interests of many people, such as in places that are government facilities and monument-park monument city, which is owned by the public. Instead of adding the beauty of the city, because the tools are rampant campaign, the monument is even make the city seem chaotic.
Therefore, Iqbal hope, the Monitoring Committee (Panwas) election regent and deputy regent Garut can be monitoring the strict and act firmly. "Panwas and Satpol PP, which must act. Attribute all kinds of campaigns are forbidden to be in place immediately revealed, "he said.
Sentinel "GM", on the first day of the campaign pairing regent candidates and representatives of Hangu district yesterday, attribute or various tools campaign partner candidates simultaneously inserted in various places strategic. It starts from the paired bergambarkan installation sticker
candidates, poster-sized to large baligo. Pictures prospective partner in the stockholders walls, and trees Reservoir way.

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