Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rain With Second day Campaign

Rain swift slant enough second day of the election campaign and the vice regent Garut regent 2009-2014 period, Friday (10/10), since the morning to as much at 10.00. Appropriate schedule has been set KPU Garut regency, on the second day campaign, the candidate of the pair regent and vice regent opportunity to do field campaigns in several separate zones.
Couples Wahdan-Helmi campaigning in the Zone VII, covering Subdistrict Pamulihan, Pakenjeng, Bungbulang, Mekarmukti, Caringin, Cisewu, and Talegong. Couples Rudi-Oim campaigning in Zone I, covering Subdistrict Garut Kota, Karangpawitan, Sucinaraja, Wanaraja, Pangatikan Sukawening, and Karang Tengah. Couples Fikri-Diki Candra campaigning in Zone II, including Subdistrict Leles, Kadungora, Cibiuk, and Leuwigoong.
While the pair Abdul-Halim Nandang campaigning in Zone III, covering Subdistrict Balubur Limbangan, Cibatu, Selaawi, Kersamanah, and Malangbong. Couples Harliman-Ali Rohman campaigning in Zone IV, includes Subdistrict Pasirwangi, Samarang, Tarogong Kaler, Tarogong Kidul, and Banyuresmi.
Couples Sali-Asep campaigning in Zone V, covering Subdistrict Cilawu, Bayongbong, Cigedug, Cikajang, Cisurupan, Sukaresmi, Banjarwangio, Singajaya, Peudeuy, and Cihurip. Couples Sjamsu-Hudan campaigning in the Zone VI, including Subdistrict Cisompet, Pameumpeuk, Cibalong, and Cikelet.
KPU Chairman of the District Garut, M. Iqbal Santoso, hope and the related Panwas others can act firmly Based on the follow-violations found in the campaign partner and vice regent candidates Garut district is.
Chief Election Panwas vice regent and Regent Garut, Asep Nurjaman, Friday (10/10) night, said, while the results of monitoring the implementation of campaign confuses Garut regency on the second day campaign yesterday found there a number of violations. Most violations particularly prominent presence some the head of the village (kades) and civil servants (PNS) on the campaign partner candidate regent and deputy regent Garut in some places.
"Most of them present in the campaign because of ignorance will rule and the provisions of the campaign," said Asep. However, he continued, the presence kades and civil servants in the campaign is a violations in the notes panwas. Next, the case is will discussed in the plenary meeting set for panwas whether violations the many administrative or other violations. Results reported plenary to the KPU to be followed up.
Kades and asked how many civil servants who terindikasi violation campaign These, Asep said that the government still continues to perform data collection panwas the findings of the district in every region of the campaign every candidate pair.
Related to that, Asep hope Pemkab Garut, in this provincial secretary and the Village Administration to be more active again in about socialization proces disallowance kades and civil servants participated in the campaign. "We actually have to fly letter to the Village Administration and request that all village heads are in Garut notified them about the restriction of campaigning, or presence in the campaign," he said. the average campaign form of open meetings and progress smooth and orderly. Community enthusiastic enough to follow the campaign.

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