Saturday, October 11, 2008

700 Member Units of the Police Civil Service to be Prepared

When the electoral campaign Regency Garut, since Thursday (9/10), office Police civil service unit (Satpol PP) District Garut prepared of 700 members to the security of the implementation of the elections.
The members of the units of the police civil service District Garut spread in the environment local government Garut and in all subdistricts in the District Garut. According to the Head of Administration Office of the PP Satpol District Garut, Ujang Lesmana, Friday (10/10), the members of the PP Satpol the to be prepared 1-x 24 hours for security during the stages confuses District local government Garut progress.
They were assigned to the security of the implementation of the campaign, the security office KPU, the security of the building logistics, the security of the quiet, security elections implementation to the security post or elections the calculation of the sound.
In addition, the government has also set up teams of mass (dalmas) with the involvement of a number of members Satpol PP has been given special skills anticipation riot. "Although the equipment is still available, dalmas this team can anticipate the possibility of adverse events. But, Perhaps only bad things do not happen, and confuses running safe, orderly and
comfortable," he said.
Monitoring continues in a number of points, especially those considered vulnerable, including monitoring the activities in a number of houses or secretariat team a number of successful candidates for vice-regent and Regent Garut.
In fact, the information Ujang, the government has started work last June, since stages of preparation of registration. Readiness be improved before the campaign to post pencoblosan.
Satpol discussed about the attitude of the PP when found that individual civil servants participate in the campaigning or supporting one candidate pair, Sonny said, up to now pihaknnya can not provide information about it. Only, said Ujang, if indeed there is a civil servant who participate in campaigning and known by Bawasda or related parties, and
Satpol reported to the PP, then Satpol will act.
"But until now, we have not received the report and find the Civil servants who participate in campaigning or support unreservedly one pair of candidates," he said.

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