Sunday, October 12, 2008

There are still Property List Candidate regents / Candidates vice regent Not Accepted KPK

Less often several candidates for regent and vice regent Garut year period 2009-2014, in the list of wealth, not only to the KPU Garut district alone, but also to the KPK (Anti Corruption Commission).
According to the KPU members of the public relations field, Garut, Dadang Sudrajat, S.Pd., Sunday (12/10), from 14 candidates regents / Candidate representatives Garut regent until this new 5 candidates list rich they have been received and the KPK. While the rest of 9 candidates again, after the list of rich they had not yet returned because of incomplete, still has not reported back to the KPK.
"It is now up to 5 candidates list only the rich they have been received and the KPK. Five candidates are from dr Helmi, KH Abdul Halim, Diki Chandra, Ir Nandang Suhendra, and Sali Iskandar," said Dadang.
Mentioned, the previous list of wealth, the candidates are reported to the KPK. However, because they are not yet complete, eventually returned again by the KPK.
"They average does not fill the list of professions, while the recapitulation rich they are. Therefore, the KPK can not ensure their origin from the wealth they have it?" Dadang said.
Dadang said, should implementation of the campaign before the elections began, the list of wealth, the candidates have been announced in the media by the KPK. While the list of five candidates who received KPK rich they are, though admitted there are still shortcomings, but they can be processed. Meanwhile, for which nine people, because the list has not been received KPK, the process then notification can not be implemented.
To smooth the process, the people expect, the ninth candidate to the list of rich they still have not received KPK, may be reported immediately to the list of rich they can be audited by the KPK.
"The time of the election of regional heads only briefly live again, for that we appeal, so that the candidates that has yet to report or return the list of rich they immediately report it to the KPK," he said.
"If a candidate or vice-regent regent is not rich they would report to the KPK list, so the people can assess and consider themselves credibility about the candidates," said the late.
Based on the results of the audit has been done before Anti Corruption Commission, known there was a candidate who has a debt to Rp 1 billion or more. It was observed by the KPK in a format that has been reported candidates.

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