Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rituals Fate Chronicle Sancang Not Clearly

These Ceremonies and Cultural Chronicle ritual Sancang which has become a tradition in the last four years, fate has become unclear. For, until this moment since submitted from the Office of Tourism West Java Province to Disparbud Garut regency, a kind of appreciation or preparation for a hajatan is considered a number of prominent Sundanese Council of Cultural Sancang Garut Pakidulan quiet-quiet only. One of Sancang, Omas found in the good fortune to become readers Declaration Wangsit Siliwangi Arts Building in Garut rate, the fact shows that the sustainability agenda does not get a response from the local government.
"Usually, if there is seriousness the government, the preparation of the event has been held far-distant day. But it narrowly there. Not know whether the presentation ceremony was held in a fixed agenda or cultural tourism will only become memorials only," said the Omas. It seems, the petinggi in Garut regency government has forgotten the wisdom of local, which appear to be at the time to be central vehicles in the area Sancang. Or also, they do not understand and do not want to understand the history.
In that stage, usually the event will be held rituals to ngaguar history Sancang from the system of government, local wisdom vehicles until the characteristic cultural area. In the event that normal concentrated in the Northwest (small islands) and initiated Cijeruk Indah residents fishermen in Kampung Foundation, the Village Acil, Kec. Cibalong, Garut it will be filled with a poem about a number of full siloka Sundanese, games, etc. kacapi. To be complete with the condition that the presence of the voice around a number of animals in the forest Sancang waves pounding the beach and the South.
Separately, Chairman of Commission D DPRD District Garut, H Bunyamin not know whether the event is a priority program Disparbud or not. He knew, the budget projections for maintenance asser culture and tourism to be graft and in a budget-ACC in Disparbud. "But, personally, I support the preservation of culture like that. Including developing the art and become a good commodity purchasing, energy tourists candidate to appear at the same time radiating a large multiplier effect for the community and the PAD, of course, "he said.
However, based on information obtained in Disparbud, the event has not been terwacanakan. "Yes until now there has been no Instructions from my superiors to undertake or not these events. Biasanyanya Mah, if any such event, we always prepare ourselves. Maybe not, "said an official who contacted Disparbud, Wednesday yesterday.

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