Sunday, October 12, 2008

Corpses rot Acah Found in River

Corpses of a grandmother aged 90, Acah, residents Kp. Padarek Village
Sirnagalih, Subdistrict Bayongbong decay was found in the River Cinangka
Mangkurakyat Subdistrict Cilawu village, about five kilometers away from
Padarek stay in the house, Saturday (11/10).
Victims of alleged drag and drop died River flow is Cinangka was stated to disappear one more week. Officials and residents had difficulty because the victim corpses to evacuation the victims caught the rocks in the river bottom. Predictably, the victim corpses in the river bottom for a week or more. However, even with scramble, the victim ultimately successful corpse from the river by to evacuation Police assisted citizens.
After the police identified, remains the victims directly submitted to the
the arrangements for his family and dimakamkan. According to the police station officers SPK Cilawu, Briptu Guntur, be victims died due to slip down to River and brought Cinangka flow to the river as far as five kilometers. It happens when rivers overflow due to heavy rain. Victims also be Acah after the identification and recognition of the family.

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