Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Director of PT DCP Conviction 4 Year In Jail

Presiding judge of the State (PN) Garut prison sentence to 4 years, Director of PT DCP, HERP hearing on the alleged corruption case of natural disaster fund (DBA) 2005 budget year in Garut district court on Tuesday (23/12). HERP also be required to pay a fine of Rp 100 million, subsidiary 3 month of criminal confinement, and change the state financial losses of Rp 389345000.
Conviction is more light when compared with the claims team Prosecution (JPU), Neneng Rahmawati, SH, which demanded that criminal defendants in verdicts prison sentence for 5 years, pay a fine of Rp 200 million, and restore the country's loss of Rp 389,345,860. in the previous council.
Presiding judge by the Juliasa I Nyoman Adi, a member of SH I Ketut
Tirta, SH and Prim Fahrurrazi, SH stated that the defendant is legally and HERP convince guilty of corruption criminal action carried out together and continue.
His act violation of Article 2 (1) jo Article 18 of Law. 31/1999 on
the crime of corruption (Distribusi), as amended Law. 20/2001 on
No changes to the law. 31/1999 on Distribusi j.o. Article 55, paragraph (1) to-1
Penal Code j.o. Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Penal Code.
According to I Nyoman Adi Juliasa, SH defendant to manipulate the report proved that the process has been completed and practices 100 percent. However, the results of the research team BPKP audit investigation process is not known it 100 percent but there is a reduction in the volume of work. Causing loss of money in this country Pemkab Garut worth Rp 389,345 million.
Defendants also have been proven against the law to violate the decree Tax 80 Year 2003 on Procurement of Goods and Services, which resulted in financial leakages in the number of countries large enough.
Presiding judge responding to the decision, the team of legal counsel of the accused,
Edy Prayitno, SH and Djohan Djauhari, SH direct appeal stated. HERP appear weak hear amar Council of Judges read the verdict. Once leaving the hearing room, he greeted the other defendants and dozens of supporters who pack the hearing room. Not long, HERP leave the building with PN supporters who said the mass gathering since morning to meet corners of the building of district court.

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