Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chairman of the DPD RI Request for More Government reviewing the price of fuel to be Cheap

Chairman of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) RI, Ginanjar Kartasasmita requested, to examine the government again that the price of fuel can be cheaper again. The price of fuel in Indonesia is currently more expensive when compared with countries in the United States.
"The price of fuel should fall again. If the United States wages so high, while the gasoline cheaper than Indonesia, it's reasonable baseball. Meanwhile, our income is lower, the price of fuel is more expensive. This government should review again the price of fuel," says Head of the DPD RI, Ginanjar Kartasasmita before the 87 wisudawan / wisudawati Graduate School of Religion of Islam Darul Arqam (STAIDA) of the Muhammadiyah, Garut in Garut, Saturday (27/12), and the said also be submitted to the journalists after the event finals.
According to Ginanjar, due to the current monetary crisis, Indonesia has been ascertained can fell the impact will be affected. That we should make an effort is not to be affected is too heavy for us. Hopefully we can safely pass through the crisis, "Chairman of the DPD please RI.
Because of this crisis, according to Ginanjar, far more serious than the crisis of 1998. "The crisis in 1998 is a new 10-year recovery. So I worry if peperintah not take steps that will be repeated exactly the crisis of 1998. Moreover, next year is a political year, as the general election, legislative election, Pilpres, well, if the political process is complemented by the economic crisis, can occur disruption to stability. So people can only vote because they feel angry, prustasi, etc.. Therefore, the government must strive so that, in order to impact the global economic crisis, as soon as may be out of there, "he said .

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