Sunday, October 12, 2008

The threat of floods

The threat of floods and landslides to restless dozens of thousands of citizens around legs Mount Guntur Entering the season, the concern runs dozens of thousands of residents of five villages and one village in the district of the Tarogong Kaler. They worried due to the threat of landslides and floods that come from Mount Guntur, which is barren condition.
Camat Tarogong Kaler, Nurdin Yana, saying, landslides and floods from Mount Guntur threatening at least 12,734 residents living in five villages in the region. The 12,734 residents are spread in the village of Jati, Cape Kamuning, Pasawahan, Rancabango, Langensari and Pananjung village.
It is said that, if the landslides and floods occur, then the material will be directly affected by soil erosion from Mount Guntur or are in the danger zone, one of 5,664 people or 1,664 families living in the village of Rancabango, Langensari and Pananjung village.
"The condition of Gunung Guntur, which is bare cause threat to residents living near the foot of the volcano. Potential landslides and flooding, is very large, said Yana.
In addition, The high-action, illegal sand digging, which takes up almost a third foot of Mount Guntur, intensifying the conditions of Mount Guntur and the size of the potential threat of flooding and landslides.
"See it, cell Mount went thunder condition due to illegal sand mining, excavation pit gawk former is can be seen clearly from the urban center," he added.
For that, Yana encourage the community to always be vigilant when it rains, especially rainfall and high reached nine hours. If it happens, the big disaster kemunginan will not be expected.
"We hope not occur until it is not desired. anticipation function However, as a step, we have prepared several villages in the area of the foot of Mount Guntur relatively safe for refugee citizens, when a disaster occurs during flooding and landslides," he added.
According to him, the results of the study and calculation of the team from the Garut Regency administration, if it rains continuously for 10 hours, is expected to be material mountain landslide occurred around 208,000 cubic meters. This of course will be very dangerous to the safety of residents living in the area of foot Mount Guntur.
The existence of citizen concern about foot of Mount Guntur, recognized Ubus (65), the residents in Kampung Babakan Jambe, Pasawahan Village. He admitted fitful start with the arrival of the rainy season.
"Moreover, if the rain in a long time, we always is a concern because tatut sudden things happened that nobody expected," he said.
Previously, Vulkanologi Center for Disaster Mitigation and Geology (PVMBG) through a letter numbered 1348/45.03 / BGv/2007 warns possible floods and landslides Mount Guntur materials that threaten public housing residents in several villages in the district of Tarogongkaler, including the area of tourism objects Cipanas. Even PVMBG recommend that the three villages located at the foot of Mount Guntur empty.

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