Monday, November 3, 2008

8 Residents of Kampong Cijangkar of food Mold

Around 8 residents in Kampung Cijangkar Rt 01 RW 10 village / subdistrict
Kersamanah Garut district experienced food poisoning fungus, Friday (1 / 11) at
10:00 WIB. Incident started when the residents eat a meal food disorderly conduct working mushroom loyalty. Refere victim to health Sukamerang Subdistrict Kersamanah, during almost six hours to get them intensive care from the local health center.
According to the Head of Puskesmas Sukamerang, Yayan, after eating the mushrooms presented one of the residents, Emis, the victims feel nausea, nausea, and dizziness. After the inspection is carried out victims directly given liquids Doofus,
Give an infusion spend 46 bottles. Meanwhile, food and vomit samples from the victim was brought by the Office of Health Kabupatenn Garut to be checked in the laboratory.
The victims are treated, namely, Rosa (2), Devi (32), Aep (31), Aip (35), Ipah (23), Ai (2), Iwann Ridwan (27), Aris Sarifudin (19). Around the time 21:30 WIB victims ptomaine poisoning licensed go home, because the conditions have significantly.

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