Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Salford Water Line Cikuray Perforated Threaten the 130 House

Due to rain down continuously, thus causing the water supply channel Cikuray the rampage and bust as long as 20 meters mole in the block, RT 01/RW 06 Villages / Village Barusuda Subdistrict Cigedug Garut, South Tuesday (4 / 11) predawn.
Residents of Kampung Barusuda found at the location said, predawn is around 04.00 by the roaring sound in front of his house. The thundering sound of water channel Cikuray is not usually as a whale of night.
However, when the population outside the home, they are surprised because the water is stagnate in their home page. After a threat of flooding danger of natural disasters, also residents of Kampung Barusuda evacuate to safe places.
According to the Village Head Barusuda, Asep Farid, who was found in the location of incidents, on Tuesday (4 / 11), the number of residents in Kampung Barusuda recorded approximately 130 families, some of it they have to secure themselves each to a safe place, and some will be displaced when rain occurred, to anticipate the dangers of flood water channel Cikuray.
Due the broken down embankment, drainage Cikuray, according to Asep, also
destroying two ponds owned by H Doyot (deceased) or grandparent, Diky Chandra, swimming and property Apit in Kampung Cisuriaan, and knock down a telephone pole. Burpengary even threaten the bridge that connects the Village Barusuda Kec. Cigedug and Village Giriawas Kec. Cikajang. Village Head Barusuda and village officials, community leaders and there is predawn immediately to evacuate residents to places considered safe enough.
The broken down result in Kampung Barusuda embankment, according to Asep, in addition to paddy fields and ponds in the area threatened by drought Barusuda Village, also threaten rice fields and ponds in the village of the Village Cigedug, Sindangsari, Sukahurip, and Cintanagara.

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