Saturday, November 1, 2008

Five landslides Attack Village In Bungbulang

Hundreds of people threatened by landslides in the district of Bungbulang regency Garut and now they are still displaced in several places in the safe.

Hundreds of citizens who are displaced from the five villages that struck down a natural disaster in the district of Bungbulang landslides in the last few days. Residents who evacuate most come from Kampung Ciparat Village Mekarjaya totaling about 240 people. Retrieved information, landslides that region

Bungbulang occurred Tuesday night and Wednesday Yesterday, after the region was rain striken for more than 20 hours.
According to the Camat Bungbulang, Aah Anwar Saefuloh SSos, as many as five rural areas in the district of disasters struck down Bungbulang landslides. To the five villages is the village Mekarjaya, Wangunjaya, Gunamekar, Tegallega and Mekarbakti Village. "Time crime occurred on Tuesday night at

22:30 until the next day (Wednesday, Red)," said the journalist Aah, Friday (31/30).
However, until Friday, hundreds of residents still displaced in some places that are considered safe, as hundreds of houses in five villages are still threatened by landslides, not even a few of them have been flattened.

Mekarjaya only in the village, further Aah, as many as 48 families or more than 240 people are still displaced outside the village. Aah said, in the village of Mekarjaya there are 2 points, namely at Kampung Cikawung and landslides that occurred Cipurat lead to 4 by the average home soil erosion land. RT 03 in the area of Kampong Ciparat that, as dozens of residential buildings owned by the 31 heads of families (families) threatened collapse. Meanwhile, the RT 01, the building owned by 17 families also threatened collapse. Del.Icio.Us Tags:

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