Thursday, October 30, 2008

100 Students Uniga Follow Blood Donors

About 100 students Uniga Garut to donors blood in an effort to help provide PMI stock of blood on the floor 3 campus Uniga, Thursday (30/10). According to Head of Community Services to Uniga, Sartibi, other than as an effort of dedication to the community, the event is also in the Youth Oath Day, and meet the provision of blood. He know, PMI District Garut shortage of blood stock in the last 2 months. For that, the attempt to help the blood supply to the local PMI.
"According to doctors Heru, indek human development (IPM) in the field of health, Garut down. Even the number of mothers giving birth numbers are still high, it Uniga trying to make a contribution to the PMI Garut," he said.
Activities of blood donors is implemented in cooperation with PMI UPTD led by Heru from 8 energy and assisted paramedics.
As is known, the lack of blood stock, which occurred in the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) branch of Garut, since September and up to now still can not enough. The solution, the lack of blood for patients that can only be overcome with the blood donor family.
Unit officers transfusion (recordin) PMI Garut, Deden never mentioned, until the current supply of various types of blood groups in Garut PMI is the void.***

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