Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garut - Pameungpeuk Traffic - Disconnected Total

Traffic Garut - Pameungpeuk lost a total result of 11 points in the body the way there the day after the landslides struck down rain that does not stop there, since at 24.00 on Wednesday (29/10) until yesterday afternoon has not been recovered.
Landslide, which overrides the body of the road in the village of Kampung Cardiff Cipangramatan Kec. Cikajang Garut, near Ciawi bridge, along with 50 meters height between 2 to 3 meters landslide closed the land, and threaten the home of the population are below.
The road users who use public transportation services be forced to alight from the vehicle and walk relay and other general use vehicles. Even to replace the vehicle, they must walk several kilometers, because the body along the road point is discontinuous landslides struck down.
According to the officer Bina Marga Jabar The Supervision point Garut - Pameungpeuk, Son Haji Soleh, accompanied the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, the precipitate two tool heavy loader that is imported from the direction of Eaton and one loader assistance from the government of Lake, to clean roads .
From the results of monitoring, pending arrival of vehicles loaders, some residents in Kampung Cardiff forced to use hoes and other simple tools, to remove some 1,000 cubic meters. "Imagine how many days the landslide soil can be cleaned from the body of the road," said the local population.

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