Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mrs Ilah Viewing Hysterical Rubble Rental Houses

Mrs Ilah (50), wife of Toto, which destroyed his home in the event of landslides, which have also caused dozens of other houses threatened, and the two-hectare rice field ready for harvest threatened by landslides, see the hysterical witness the conditions of his house when the debris-lived debris because landslides buried.
While crying, he continues to rant. However, from the words her speak the hysterical, Mrs Ilah seemed more relieved because he and other members of his family's from death.
"Paingan servant teu meunang ningali imah, atuh and geuning meni luc beaudoin kieu kaayaanna. Alloh always the servant sadayana disalametkeun apple falls, advantage Banda was property Mah teu kapuluk Functions, " for it.
Since the two hours before the landslides occurred, Mrs Ilah and his children have Relocated to the home of one of his brother that the location not too far from home. He was allowed to see the new conditions of his house on Tuesday (28/10) when there is a group of Polres Garut.
"Since the incident I'm not allowed to come here, albeit only to see the condition of a home by both family and neighbors. I've allowed view this day," he told journalists after some time after aware from hysterical . Admitted he was initially not understand why should would want to see the conditions of his house, but after seeing their own
condition, he bring the end I also. "I really do not think at all and never imagined that falls landslide yesterday that will cause The damage is very serious. Once viewed condition, I surprised and very weak, so almost no sadarkan themselves. I can not imagine if it happened when the landslide is still in the house," her added.

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