Monday, October 27, 2008

Three House Cilawu Buried in Landslide

As many as three houses and one in Kampung Babakan Musholla Kadu RT 1 / 10, Desa Sukamaju, Cilawu Sub-district, Garut regency landslide buried at the cliffs 20 meters, at around 02.20 AM Monday (27/10) yesterday. In incident that no casualties but the owners of three houses each Hadri (50), Toto (60), and Ojo (65) forced to be evacuated to relatives houses.
Retrieved information, the rain came down in the District of Cilawu since Sunday (26/10) at 16.00 WIB until Monday (27/10) predawn, make land in the area unstable. As a result, a canyon at about 20 meters behind the house Hadri and Ojo, sudden landslide. Toto temporary home in the top of the cliffs, took the land through soil erosion.
"When the heavy rain about our region, Toto, which pack the house at the top of the cliffs to see the water channel in front of his home grown. Pulitzer, the water channel that leads to the front of his house. We are worried the house would be flooded, because the amount of water that flows, and Toto was clog channel the water with stones, "said Head Sukamaju, Asep intervention.
It said Asep, Toto was not aware of stone that clog waterways in the meluapnya water channel. The long, the water has grown so overwhelmed membendungnya Toto. Viewing conditions are not possible because the flood water continues to grow and not terbendung, Toto also invite 3 people to leave the family home immediately.

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