Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pemkab "Flip" Back tangerine Garut

Orange heyday Garut, which have endangered, will soon rise again, because of the effort, Garut Orange middle done Garut regency government.
Population tangerine Garut (JKG) until the end of 2004 and a total of 249,461 trees in the wide 699.92 hectares of land. However, the amount, type of JKG only reached 113,678 trees (33%), while the rest of the form of tangerine Siem and other types of trees reach 235,783 (67%).
According to the Head Office of Food Crop and Horticultural Crops (TPHP) Garut regency, Ir. H. Widiana, CES accompanied the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, MSi 140,808 from the orange, which have produced, the production reached 6,760 tons / year with a productivity of 48.05 kg / tree / year. Orange Garut, which was very popular nationally, is a kind of tangerine, Garut (Citrus nobilis var. Chrysocarpa).
Unlike the other tangerine (keprok Siem, keprok X, keprok slippery, keprok Leicester), tangerine, Garut is preferred because consumers bersosok bongsor, sweet, refreshing taste, it regas skin, so easy to peel. Accelerates when the laborers in production centers such as Wollongong and Subdistrict Karangpawitan participate terdongkrak. From the results of 2 times the harvest, laborers can fulfill PILGRIM time. But then many degrees for the orange when the skipper with the title 'Haji Orange'. In addition, JKG can be used as a drug hot and cough medicine.
Unfortunately, in 1964 and sweet citrus business started receding because mewabahnya attack the disease. Symptoms, the leaves grow upright and yellow, shrink the size of the fruit because of minimal water. In 1968, Columbia University reveal that the disease, Citrus vein phloem degeneration (CVPD). The reasons, microorganisms like bacteria. Intensive care not to become one of the trigger. As a result, the population of orange in Garut regency decreased. In 1970, acreage planted citrus only left hundreds of hectares with the results of hundreds of tons. In 1974, tangerine still be planted but only in the yard. In the central areas such as Karangpawitan and Tajur Warburton, attack the disease continues to flog 1980. The production switch to the south of Garut as Cikelet and Eaton.
The existence of Orange Garut more threatened after meletusnya Mount Galunggung in 1982. When that many laborers gone out of business due to difficulties in the capital to back mengebunkan orange. They also switch to the vegetables that term capital more quickly. Population orange in Garut regency continue anjlok. In 1992, the only remaining 52,000 trees. The result, 520 tons of orange / year, or 100 times lower than the production in 1950.
According to Ir. H. Widiana, in 1987, the Office of Agriculture noted that while as many as 1.3 million trees (wide area of 2,600 hectares) with the amount of production that generated more than 26,000 tons per year, worth more than Rp 13 billion.

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