Sunday, November 23, 2008

Residents Trying to Save Fish near Pope

The type of whale along more than 4 meters as 1 ton in the coastal area of Karang Cibalong Subdistrict Paranje Garut regency, around 0700 hrs Saturday. Until news is local residents in the location that is about 120 km from the central city of Garut that, with the discovery that be
sensational very surprising, it is estimated that protected species of fish across the Indian Ocean, local residents said Maman (45).
Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs Dikdik HENDRAJAYA said, residents around the location of the discovery of whale that has continued to throw back fish that fall in the coastal waters into the sea off.
However, these efforts is quite difficult because there are some ref (coral), which is difficult enough to be off the fish that are considered citizens are giant-sized.

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