Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rotary Club of Bandung Let PMT to the Health Center Sukaratu

Young children around 330 children from poor families in the village of Sukaratu Kec. Malangbong Garut districts receive additional food aid from the members and managers
Rotary club Bandung, D 3400, Sunday (22/11) in Central Village Sukaratu.
According to the President of the Rotary Club of Bandung, Dewi Prima F, feeding additional (PMT) was submitted to the children of parents / Health Center, based on instructions and selected from the local village, and they were given coupons in order to feed the additional revenue.
"We get data from the village, and then distribute the village's coupon-coupons to citizens, "said Dewi F. According to Prima, to the PMT Village residents Sukaratu it as a manifestation of the efforts in supporting the program Rotary Internasiol in 2008-2009, namely "Dreams make real for the children" or for reducing the level of infant mortality with PMT or nutrition additional.
Around 30 members and the Rotary Club of Bandung, Sunday, visibly soluble distributing food to the Health Center.
When answering questions, Prima Dewi says, in one package that PMT instant milk powder containing 200 grams, peanut ijo 0.5 kg, 60 multi-ml, one wrapped biscuits, and shampoo.
Meanwhile, local health centers to receive assistance 1,000 tablets of drugs worms, which
was would be submitted directly to the citizens. However, in order to be safe submitted it to local health centers.
Meanwhile, India was given to 1 unit of weight babies, and measurement tools body, books about health, and a few posters, so that research in Posyandu-posyandu. Happenings chose the Village, according to Prima, accidental since two years and the government already has the pace to build the youth there, so the village is already built into the village Rotary Club. Some youth unemployment in the past there have been for home handicraft industry with raw materials from wood. The youth was built by rotaryan Yana, to craft-making craft from wood in the form of jewelry, and toys instructive.
Furthermore, during the last 10 years, Rotary Club of Bandung often around the procurement of project water, for example, procurement of water in Jelekong Bale Endah Bandung, to 10,000 people there.
"There is also a hut read. We have read the hut where three spread in some places, the city of Bandung. According to Prima, PMT, which is given to village residents is Sukaratu Initially activities. "We want activities that are sustainable, so Rotary will always be in contact with India and health, " he said.
When asked about the obstacles in the delivery of the CFF Sukaratu Village, according to Prima
Dewi F, for there is no obstacle and certain incident, even Young children get almost all the aid, despite there are still about 15 packages that has not terambil. "Maybe vouchers lost, or have not taken their parents. What is important is we have to coordinate with the security, order
in the delivery of the PMT, we want to secure and conducive, "he said.

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