Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Persib They want Exhibition sod in Ancol Karangtengah

The team Persib Maung Bandung at the Pondok Pesantren Miftahul Huda Al-
Jauhari Kampung Sangojar Village Sindanggalih Subdistrict Karangtengah, on
Monday afternoon (24/11) greeted royally by Drs. KH. Jujun Junaedi, Mag and thousands of people Karangtengah. The players Persib support welcome since his return to the sod in the field Ancol.
The team Persib to Bandung to visit sindanggalih audiences costume complete with the color blue, they were treated to lunch at Pontren Miftahul Huda by KH. Jujun Junaedi. Previously, kiayi, the Surabaya and the players Persib together to offer prayers Maung Bandung successfully become champion of competition in Indonesia.
According to the KH. Jujun Junaedi, he shared with the community santri Sangojar willing and sincere offer prayers to Persib into the Bandung league champion in india. Moreover, the players Persib to willingly come and meet fans to Miftahul Huda Al-Jauhri.
Meanwhile, KH. Jujun Junaedi as a heavy Persib Maung Bandung, grateful can be visited and the players Persib. Even pet eleven Jawa Barat is willing weed the garden Ancol in the field to make the match friendship with PS Sangojar. Ancol field condition is not feasible to use contested by eleven classmates Persib. However, the match, the rivalry is a friendship and entertainment for the lovers Maung Bandung.
Terms of the match between Maung Bandung, vs PS Sangojar Ancol in the field, on Monday afternoon (24/11), narrowly failed. Because the field are the players so that spectators can not take position. However, such a situation melt, after security forces under the command Kapolsek Sukawening, AKP Badawi succeeded disciplined thousands of spectators who came to the middle of the field.
Terms of the match friendship between Maung Bandung, vs PS Sangojar, rain occurred touchdown. PS Sangojar that rely on local players, assisted Persigar players not to Persib slightly Bandung. PS must fear Sangojar knee going down before Maung Bandung, 4 - 1.
Striker Zaenal Arif Persib to the match on the friendship, acting as a goalie. Appearances get the players capable of satisfactory operation in the field Ancol Sindanggalih.

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