Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PMI Provides Assistance

Many natural disasters that the Garut district invite the attention Drs. H. Karni conducted by Suwanda as the head of the PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) Regional
West Java. To that end, it provides help for victims of natural disasters landslides in Cipangramatan Kec. Cikajang, Garut regency on Tuesday (25/11).
Village Head Cipangramatan Kec. Cikajang Dedi Agus said, that landslides which threaten the region's 322 families or 1,288 soul, house, which heavily damaged fruit recorded 7, and 5 houses damaged light, and threatening 310 homes.
Assistance is given form the Family Kit 50 sacks, Higen kit, 25 shower. ANGEL 25 shower kit. food parcel stall 20. for Victims of the landslide disaster Region in Garut regency. Karni conducted by Suwanda said, pentingya simulation disaster, especially for students, at least they know how to help themselves own good when there are disasters and there is no disaster.

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