Wednesday, November 26, 2008

240 families Disaster Victims Obtain Relocation Assistance from DEPSOS

Some 240 families (families) victims of the landslide disaster that spread in the district of Singajaya, Banjarwangi, Pakenjeng and Cibalong Garut regency in the near future this will immediately get assistance in the form of BBR (House Building Materials) from the Ministry of Social Affairs Center.
"The aid was symbolically done several days ago together with the community are also victims of the disaster from other districts in Cianjur," said Head Disnakersostran (Department of Social and Manpower and Transmigration), Garut regency Dra. Hj. Elka Nurhakimah, M. Si, accompanied Kasi PartisiPasi Social Development (P3S), B late Wednesday (26/11).
According to the late, and reports based on actual facts in the field Pemkab Garut in the begining to as many as 1,140 families that must be relocated. But after the repeatedly observation by DEPSOS Center, there are 662 families who have to be considered relocation assistance, a number of related disasters that occurred in Garut district, especially those in District Singajaya, Banjarwangi, Pakenjeng, Talegong, Cisompet and Cibalong.
But after the DEPSOS central monitoring directly to the field, from the 662 families who sent proposal only realized as much as 240 families who live in the district of Singajaya, Banjarwangi, Pakenjeng and Cibalong.
When asked the value of assistance budget, people say, he did not know, because they help the overall home is a building material form of money or not. However, implementing to built is directly appointed by the central government.
"That's it, in this case our only task is to make data collection and monitoring it," said a bright late, up to now he not yet know when it can help the exactly received disaster victims.

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