Saturday, November 29, 2008

Garut 22.4 Million Tree Planting in Critical Land

Natural resources in Garut regency, especially forest resources and land has experienced degradation, which marked the land is still critical, both within and outside the forest area. Until the year 2007 remains a critical area of land in Garut regency reached about 34,700 ha. This is because there is still forest clearance, land use, which is not in accordance with the function of protection and conservation.
Therefore, disclosed Vice Regent of Garut, Memo Hermawan, when plan Day Planting Tree Planting Month and National Level Garut regency in 2008, Friday (28/11), which concentrated on the Block Cipeundeuy Village Cikarag Malangbong Subdistrict.
To anticipate this, according to the memo, various efforts have been made is one of the optimization program of Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL), both through the activities Gerhan / GNRHL and GRLK and self-help community that the implementation has been started in 2003. Gerhan activities and GRLK emphasis to the provision of tree planting and form various woods and fruits. Until the year 2008 has been 22.4 million trees in the area above the critical 54,300 hectares wide, scattered throughout the village and district-se, Garut regency, "he said.

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