Monday, December 1, 2008

Leave Furnace Aglow, fires burned out house

Despite the current dry season is past, but not frustrated due to negligence that is done, disaster fire still occurred. As the occurred in the district of Cisompet, precisely in Kampung Burujul, RT 02 / 8, Village Cisompet. Because negligent in leaving the stove on, Ii Sudarni (58), must be willing eventually lost her home due to fire
through the house.
Kasi Trantib Subdistrict Cisompet, Aa Mardani accompanied the Head of Public Relations Setda Garut, Drs. Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, M. Si, said, Sunday (30/11) around at 09:00 WIB has been a disaster fire at Kampung Burujul, RT 02 / 8, Village / Kec. Cisompet. Falls in the fire, a house owned by local residents. Ii Sudarni devastated to burn The only ruin lives.
Lucky when the fire occurred, in empty houses because of all residents when it is in the middle sawah.Namun although not swallow casualties, as a result of falls, the losses estimated to Ii Rp 27 million.
Aa said, based on the receipt of the report, the fire has been to be burnt semi-permanent buildings house 49 square meters wide it comes from the furnace. It is estimated, when all of the house is to go to the rice fields, they leave the furnace in the light conditions.
"The information that we get mentioned, when the furnace is in the light of the situation. In all of the residents are in the rice fields," said Aa.

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