Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The area of 150 hectares of Mount Guntur Damage

Excavation of sand and stones that made the miner wildlife in the area slopes of Mount Guntur increasingly uncontrollable, causing damage that occurs in the forest conservation area is severe enough to reach 150 hectares.
Conservation officers Sexy Garut Region V Field Conservation Area III Canterbury Central Large Natural Resources Conservation (KSDA) Jabar-Banten, attempted cut off all access roads to the conservation area on the slopes of Mount Guntur to stop the damage, which is used for the illegal sand miner.
Head of Conservation Section of the Region V Field of Hope Conservation Area III of Canterbury Central KSDA Jabar-Banten, said Teguh Setiawan, currently more than 150 hectares of conservation areas on the slopes of Mount Guntur damage. It potentially natural disasters landslides and floods cold lava, sediment, which has for years hundreds in the slope of Mount Guntur.
Previously, the BKSDA has been to disseminate to the public around the slopes of Mount Guntur will be the danger of landslides. Socialization is carried out by 50 personnel, consisting of members Polres Garut, Forest Police Brigade and eagles. "In addition, since some of today we also continue to conduct security around the land conservation slopes of Mount Guntur. This we do to take action against the illegal miner sand, which is still engaged in mining," said Teguh.

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