Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Samarang point - Garut paralyzed Four Hours

Almost for more than four hours a path that connects the City of Garut Subdistrict Samarang, Tuesday (18/11), lost because of the way the body in the real Tanjakan Malayu landslide closed the land along the 30 meters with a height of 2 meters. The road that passes the user is forced to divert point toward some alternative roads.
Disaster landslides in the area occurred once at 14,00, when the rain began to subside after a heavy rain about the region. However, when the event there is no one who is in the vehicle along the route, so the incident does not lead to an accident.
The rise occurred Landslide Malayu threaten the tower height voltage lines that only a few meters from the area affected by landslides. Point off the wire high voltage electric current from the hot area of Earth Kamojang, for all the electricity needs of Java and Bali.
According to Ojo (59), the local residents who were working to clean lines or trenches in the area, being himself by a landslide disaster that happens suddenly in his region. Lucky he immediately clear the track the slab of land from the cliffs drop to the bottom and up the road.
At that time, Ojo also working directly intercept a number of vehicles from the direction Samarang want to Garut city or the other way. Furthermore Ojo report the incident to other citizens, and citizens there and to report the incident to officials Police stations, and the Office of Bina Marga.

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