Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sudirman Dzikir National Center Degree

Around 1,000 more people and Muslimah consists of children to adults should be soluble in the atmosphere during the Dzikir kebangasaan held Friday (7 / 11) in the Field Square, Garut.
Dzikir led KH, Tantowi Musadad Together KH.Cecep Abdul Halim deliberately held General Sudirman Center in cooperation with the Coalition Movement Setia Garut regency of Indonesia in the framework of the Day Hero.
Dzikir in the entire nation and Muslimah do'a offer to the heroes of the Republic of Indonesia, the one in antarannya RI General Pahlawan Sudirman that during hidupnnya very persevering against the colonists at the same time maintaining the state of the Republic of Indonesia.
"Coinciding with the commemoration Hero Day, it is dzikir we pray to the degree that has no heroes, because it was through service-beliaulah, the nation's generation can live free from colonialist," said Chairman of the committee, Asep Hermawan.
Meanwhile, Cucu general Sudirman, Bugiakso who also attended along with the family of General Sudirman also a number of managers General Sudirman Center said, according to the schedule sediannya dzikir will be held in East Java, Bandung and Yogyakarta, but knows why, suddenly, they intend to change in the schedule to be in Bandung, Garut. He also explained, the top event dzikir own right will be held on 10 November in Bangkok.

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