Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Governor Jabar Reviewing Natural Disaster Victims in Pakenjeng

Governor of West Java, Akhmad Heryawan review of the landslide victims in the district of Pakenjeng, Monday (10/11). The landslide victims include 10 villages in the district of Pakenjeng of them in the village of Depok, Pasirlangu, Tegal Gede, Sukamulya, and Lumsden. Then, in the village of Wangunjaya, Panyindangan, Neglasari, Tanjungjaya, and the Village Talagawangi.
According to the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, recapitulation data disaster victims in the district of Pakenjeng of them recorded six houses heavily damaged, 314 houses damaged are experiencing, 8 mosque threatened, and 1 madrasah, with a land area of 38.5 hectares landslides, and 30 meters end road in Kampung Cigereleng Village Tegalgede Subdistrict Pakenjeng. Governor Jabar review directly landslides that occurred on Friday in the village Pasirmuncang Village Panyindangan Subdistrict Pakenjeng, due to rain down continuously and the removal of 106 houses threatened by landslides, and 50 other houses of the residents have left. In addition, about 15 hectares of paddy fields threatened by landslides.
According to community leaders there, they leave the house have been moved to the home of the nearest relatives and neighbors, the house is more secure. Locals are worried that natural disasters landslides continuation, if the rain continues. On the occasion, Governor Jabar willing to give 3 tons of rock form of rice, 1,500 packets of dried noodles, 1,000 cans of fish, 300 bottles of soy sauce, sauce bottles, 300, 400 packets of biscuits, canned corned 850, 50 sheets and mats. Including 100 liters of coconut oil, which immediately received the Vice Regent of Garut, H Memo Hermawan.

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