Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iis upset with eggplant There is a God Writing

The villagers Kecamatan Pasirsalam Village Haruman Leles Garut regency being with the discovery of pieces of eggplant fruit green (solanaceae) there is a letter written in Arabic Allah. In addition to take pictures through the camera's image "hand phone" and printed, discount eggplant strange until now is still stored by the IIS Winarti (24).
When found in his house in Kampung Pasirsalam RT 02 RW 03 Village Haruman
Kec. Leles, Tuesday (11/11), Mrs Iis admitted, after the horror get the eggplant pieces of fruit will be ripe, with lafadz ALLOH it.
Mrs Iis thought out with the discovery of the eggplant fruit. Moreover, if given the dream is very surprising that on the night before he get the eggplant is strange.
"Whether that means? Could this kind of omen for me, or family, here.

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