Thursday, November 13, 2008

Four Victims injured in the collision Revolving Line Limbangan

Suffered a serious injury, and three other passengers suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision events revolving the Road Bandrek, Kampung Bandrek Village Sukamulya, Subdistrict Kersamanah, Wednesday (12/11) afternoon. Collision involving two units of the bus, Budiman Department of Bandung with Karangpucung-a Colt Diesel truck propelled sand.
Meanwhile, the victim is the driver and passenger trucks. Victims of serious injury is Unang (27), kernet trucks that are currently forced to bring through to the RSU board Slamet Garut, because of severe wounds suffered in the face and neck. Previously, Unang were treated at health centers Sukamerang. Meanwhile, three other victims who suffered mild wounds is Rudi (39) as the truck driver, Jana (28), and Ihin. They suffered minor injuries, and have been allowed to go home.
Retrieved information, revolving collision occurred when the bus Rodrigo Department of the Bandung-Karangpucung done from the direction of Bandung to Tasikmalaya, try passing Colt diesel nopol Z 8481 DA. When successfully passing bus, truck, suddenly appearing from the opposite direction of the bus Rodrigo other nopol Z 7848 that the PS be steered Tasliman (35).
Seeing a bus in front, Tasliman shocked. He helm direct slap to the right in order to avoid collision with a bus from the same pool. However, bus, which carry 18 passengers hit a truck was already stopped. Budiman the bus while its direction from Bandung to Tasikmalaya, the bus hit a body part that Rodrigo Tasliman be steered.
Severity of the glass front of the bus, make that Budiman be steered Tasliman broken. Similarly, the glass front of the truck. Four people sitting in the front seats autotruck directly affected fraction glass and dilarikan to health Sukamerang. Tasliman
Meanwhile, survivors in the accident. Budiman bus that tried passing truck, went directly because the conditions are not too severe.

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