Friday, November 14, 2008

Communities are Fear Gas tube explode

Garut community in the near future this program will immediately receive the conversion of oil to gas. The program was conducted, for the price of fuel continues to soar via the impact of oil subsidies. Garut district is the last area that the program conversion of oil to gas. To that end, expected in January until February 2009 completed the distribution immediately.
According to Ir. Sutarman, the consultants receive from Pertamina in Bandung, C. Andrian with Businessmen Association Chairman of the National Oil and Gas (Hiswana Migas), Garut, Nana Subarna, Thursday (13/11), the Meeting Room at the District Garut Setda, during the fuel needs of land Society Garut reach 220,000 liters per day of the 23 that were supplied agents, so that this conversion is expected by the community can save the cost of oil primarily to the purchase of land, which is widely used.
"With the comparison between 1 kg to 1 liter of gas oil price is very much difference, people can economize on few rupiah to the use of the gas cooker," he said.
Meanwhile, Pertamina through the spokesperson, Luki P asserts, the program is a government program, while Pertamina as the only operator in the distribution.
Conversion is aimed to save fuel, especially kerosene that the more the stock low. For the distribution of the agent to the customer, the government now is to build the gas depot located in the Village Cipicung Subdistrict Banyuresmi.
Target said that conversion Luki, other than the household income of Rp 1.5 million per month, also the perpetrators of micro UKM, which are still people with ID and proof of families, people with seasonal evidence a letter from the local authorities (RT / RW , Village / village and subdistrict head).

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