Saturday, November 15, 2008

The products of Teachers Still Facing the Certification

In an effort to improve the welfare of the certification of teachers, it seems that the Office of Education (Disdik) Garut regency still face obstacles in the pemberkasan Porto folio, which is not yet complete most of the teachers.
According to the Head Office of Education (Kadisdik) Garut, Drs M. Komar MMPd, as a result of not charging the full Porto folios, so many returned again to the teachers. "Even many teachers who have a bank account is not active, so it is difficult to be processed and improving their welfare," said Drs H Komar, Friday (14/11).
According to H Komar, despite the number of percentage of teachers who have not received a certificate in number only 17 people in 2007, when compared with the number of teachers who obtain a new certificate, but the government still considers them to improve welfare.
Based on data in Office Disdik Garut, the number of bachelor degree (S1) to obtain certificates that have been recorded 1,032 civil servants, teachers and non-civil servants, consists of 377 teachers have been receiving benefits, and about 646 more people receive a new certificate.
However, if there are teachers who obtain certification, appeared in the surprising less than 24 hours, and perform less well, the parties Disdik officials will ask the supervisors to report to Kadisdik, to return a certificate revoked. Meanwhile, the Disdik Garut has been put around 1,940 teachers will receive certification in 2008. To that end, H Komar requested, so that teachers who have obtained the certification that can improve its performance and professionalism.

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