Sunday, November 16, 2008

Polwil Go Priangan SMS Call Center

Kapolwil Priangan, Kombes Pol Anton Charliyan, Sunday (16/11), to remind people, especially in the area Priangan law, not to shrink Polwil remind them Priangan range and when the police found that the performance is still not perceived to meet their expectations. Communities can also submit information to the aspirations and polwil related problems the police or security in the region in general.
Without through a complicated procedure, the public can submit their complaints to the aspirations and Polwil by sending Priangan SMS through the SMS Center for Public Complaints Polwil Priangan number 081 911 110 110.
"Through HP's SMS Center Pengduan society to Polwil Priangan number 081 911 110 110 this, please send the SMS when there is criticism, advice, information and other related problems with the police and security in general," said Kapolwil.
According to him, the existence of the SMS Center in Polwil Priangan is actually quite long, was launched on May 19 and coincides with the opening of network communication to the whole society through electronic mail (e-mail) address with polwil
The existence of the SMS Center and E-mail is aimed to optimize services and facilitate access to information throughout society. Information and complaints from the community can be delivered directly to the police via SMS and e-mail without having to always come to the headquarters Polwil (Mapolwil) Priangan General Sudirman Street, Garut.
Kapolwil hope, with the opening of the e-mail and SMS could be stranded communication between the police with the community, in the form of information that can be obtained quickly.
So that the police can also respond to information are quick to follow up immediately.
"Operators web site or e-mail and sms opened 1 x 24 hours. When the letter through a long, the public can more quickly access the information via email or SMS. To get this point are held by the head of each unit," he added.

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