Thursday, December 4, 2008

BBKSDA cut off Rat Road with bulldozers in the Mount Guntur

With the Eagle Brigade said troops, officers from the Garut Pemkab dig some holes in the middle of the road with a bulldozer, as efforts are cut off access to the area of forest, which is always used as a place where illegal excavation, on Wednesday (3 / 12).
Eagle squadron commander Brigade SPORC (Forest Unit of the Police Quick Reaction) under the coordination of Central Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) Jabar-Banten, Arifudin Bayu Aji, when found in the location of Mount Guntur, Wednesday (3 / 12) says, the hole big on the road using a bulldozer, said that around 50 armed officers SPORC full barrel length.
Excavation in the middle of the road is aimed decide access to the illegal excavation area. "Today we tried to cut off road access between two to four points in the PRP bloc, including the mouse all the way. So, some days before, we run the defense and patrol routines. And we are monitoring from some people, who tried to cat-cat with officers. They dig in the sand land, property location, but at other opportunities to do digging in the forest area, "he said.
According to Arifudin, the results from monitoring the side No excavation efforts in land ownership. "But, the forest does not have the authority to make termination of digging sand in the land. We have no authority at all," said Arifudin.

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