Friday, December 5, 2008

Polres Garut Tracked Down hoarder Over 15 Tons of Fertilizers Subvention

The recent scarcity of fertilizers that farmers in the Garut District this time, the organization Polres Garut police successfully reveal hoarding manure subvention. Unsparing, the manure dumped in a warehouse in Kampung Cibangban, Karangmulya Village, the Subdistrict Karangpawitan amounted to 15.95 tons.
In addition to secure the 15.95 tons of fertilizer subvention packed in a sack 319 of them consisting of 308 kg of urea, 4 sack KCL, 5 sack Phonska and 2 other types bag of fertilizer, officials also suspect the perpetrator to secure hoarding, DR (25), the residents in Kampung Paledang RT 04/05, Village of the Suci Kaler, Subdistrict Karangpawitan.
Kapolres Garut, AKBP Rusdi Hartono, accompanied Kasat Reskrim, AKP O. Suhendar, saying, arrest action against the warehouse where hoarding subvention fertilizer will be conducted Friday (5 / 12) at around 01.00 predawn. While the initial information came from a report of the community farmers and the amount of coverage in the mass media about the scarcity of fertilizers occurred in Garut.
"After we received reports from farmers and telling the media that Garut the farmers have difficulty in getting fertilizer, we immediately intelejen members and spread Reskrim that eventually we suspect a warehouse in the District of Karangpawitan. Once it is done arrest correct, the warehouse is used to the place of the fertilizer," Rusdi said.
It is said that, according to the confession of suspects, since the fasting month ago he had purchase of fertilizer from a number of kiosks. Once collected, fertilizer They are then sold to Jakarta. Results from the information while the suspect also mentioned if he buy fertilizer from the retailers in Garut at Rp 1,200 rupiah and the results of the sale in Jakarta, he gain of Rp 800 per kg.

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