Saturday, December 6, 2008

Polres Garut Issue a Traffic Ticket 4 Bus

Middlebury Traffic Unit (Satlantas) Polres Garut menilang (evidence of violations) and
to secure the four units of the bus route PO Mulyasari Garut (South Garut)- Mapolres Bandung to Garut in a routine operation that was held two days respectively, Friday and Saturday (5-6/12). This is because the fourth unit of the bus is not equipped with letters of official vehicles.
Police found no indication of fraudulent documents related presence The fourth unit of the bus PO Mulyasari operating since then that Agus. Suspected bus businessmen do it to avoid the obligation to pay tax to the state.
The fourth unit of the bus PO Mulyasari the safekeeping of each bernopol Z 7928 DA, DA 7929 Z, Z 7930 DA, and Z 7931 DA. Kapolres Garut, AKBP Rusdi Hartono, accompanied Kasatlantas, AKP Encun Carmana, and the Kaur of BinOps, Iptu Shohet, SH; and Kanit Patrol, Ipda Ace Juanda, Saturday (6 / 12), disclose, in violation of the bus PO Mulyasari came from a routine operation, which was held in Satlantas Road Bayongbong real Kp. Munjul Village Mangkurakyat Kec. Cilawu on Friday (5 / 12) once at 15:00 WIB.
At that time, when the police inspection of the two units bus PO Mulyasari bernopol Z 7928 DA, and Z 7929 DA, which is in line , the drivers of the bus, police found photos of coffee and vehicle registration notice tax, and the letter of KIR. Not found the original vehicle registration on the bus.
Because the second unit of the bus, which can not show a valid vehicle registration violation Article 57 paragraph 2 of Law 14/1992, Movies 197 paragraphs 1 and 3 PP 49, the police do not penindakan form penilangan and secure the second unit of the bus to Mapolres Hangu Jl. General Sudirman. Meanwhile, the passengers transferred to the
another vehicle to continue the journey.

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