Monday, December 8, 2008

Four analytical Polres Available Geng Motor.

Member Polres Garut secure the 11 people suspected as members geng motorcycles that are assembled in the area of Tokoroa Jayaraga Kidul Garut, Saturday (6 / 12) night. When police do arrest, a number of youth exposure is the uprise liquor. Even four people in between exposure also brought a number of sharp weapons. From the results of the inspection officers Mapolres in Garut, four of the 11 suspects are forced to hold Polres Garut. They showed Den, students in grade 3 at school, In, and Ri Nov. According to police the four youths are proven to bring a number of sharp weapons (Sajam), as a unit following the arrow panahnnya four children, three samurai, three machete, and one bayonet. Kapolres Garut, Commissioner of purpose, Drs. Rusdi Hartono, didamping Kasat Reskrim purpose Commissioner, O. Suhendar Monday (8 / 12) says, the youth is being found out and brought out a sharp weapon, and four suspects are now still in the hold detainees in cells Mapolres Garut sanctions can be imposed emergency law number 8 of 51.

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