Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cost of Lap yet two elections Garut Clearly

Chairman of the KPU (General Election Committee), Garut regency, H Iqbal Santoso deliver a statement, that to this day (H-12) cost of elections, Garut regency lap to the two are not clear. Local government. New Hope gives Rp 5 billion. KPU has Garut apply to the local parliament and the government of Garut district to help organize the additional cost to the province's sections. Until December 11 if there is no certainty of cost, KPU, is not the elections and will submit to the Governor of the delay sections.
KPU Chairman Statement Garut is delivered via short message service (SMS), Tuesday (9 / 12), some time before the events between between two pairs prospective regents / vice-regent, who attended Kapolwil Priangan, Commissioner of Anton Charliyan, MPKN, Kapolres Garut, Commissioner purpose of Rusdi Hartono, and elements of regional leaders in the meeting room Polres Garut, Tuesday (9 / 12).
The statement also reiterated similar KPU members Kab. Garut Legal Affairs and PR purposes, Dadang Sudrajat before the forum. According to him, despite the technical side is ready to run the elections to the two, but the KPU still face obstacles, including the lack of cost. From the total cost required KPU Rp 9.2 billion, no new funds available Rp 7.5 billion in revenue from Garut Pemkab Rp 5 billion and the province Jabar Rp 2.5 billion. However, according to the people, the lack of budget will be paid by the government of the pure budget year 2009. "We are still waiting for clarity from the Garut Regency administration, whether the elections are delayed first, or only implemented on 21 December 2008," he said.
However, some time later, when the KPU Garut who feel pessimistic about the implementation of the Dec. 21 elections, immediately changed into a feeling of optimism, after the provincial secretary, Garut, H Wibowo Wowo explain in detail the budget round two.
"Relatives do not know the cost of liquefaction first round? Transfer cost of the older (first round, red) have not yet entered? Fact, the transfer cost of Rp 7.5 billion for the two-lap to have it there, including from West Java province. And there will be more additional sections of the province, "said H Wowo.

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