Thursday, December 11, 2008

Earthquake Jar Cikajang and Cigedug

Residents in the district of Cikajang and Subdistrict Cigedug Garut district by the earthquake up their area on Wednesday (10/12), about at 10:45 WIB. While the residents were panicked, but there are no reported casualties or damage to buildings due to events that took place around ten seconds it.
Camat Cikajang Undang Syarifudin, at the time of the earthquake, many residents trickle out of the house to save themselves. Earthquake occurred at 10:45 WIB once for about ten seconds.
"So far there has not been known to damage or injury victims. But we have to precipitate officers undertake," he said.
Likewise It said one resident village / subdistrict Cigedug, Sopandi (36). Sopandi said, he is in the middle of the house when he felt the floor of the house vibrate, and some objects visible shaking. It berrlangsung only a few seconds. Although the moment, I still feel surprised some time. Alhamdulillah, there are no bad things that happen as a result of gempat this, "he said.

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