Friday, December 12, 2008

Following the 22 Group Painting Competition Trash

In order HUT Korpri to-37 day Bakti and Public Works (PU) to-63 Year 2008, Scope PU institute Painting Competition Trash. Competition was held as a place of creativity and awareness of all people trying to reach Garut Adipura Kencana. Opened competitions painting Secretary Garut District, Drs. H. Wowo Wibowo, M. Si, Otto Iskadnardinata on Thursday (11/12), marked with paint notch above the bins.
According to the Head Office Building and Settlement (Disbangkim) Garut regency, Drs. H. Atang Subarzah, BE, M. Si, followed by 22 race groups each group consisting of two to four people, divided into three categories, namely, school groups, and SKPD district, and community groups. Competition aims to enhance the joy of the people to always maintain the environment where they are.
It is expected that with this race, Atang added, the city realized the behavior of Hangu, which are responsible for the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and waste matter. Not excessive when the race has its "No waste that we invest Garut city clean." Results paintings that are considered good, will be displayed in several places around the strategic city of Hangu, following attractive prizes for winners.

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