Saturday, December 13, 2008

Four Houses burnt

In the middle of the rainy season is, again, falls to fires occurred in Garut regency. Four home residents with the average land and 23 people evacuated in two incident fire occurred. Music fire first, occurred at Kampung Waluran, HH 01/04, Sukamaju Village, Kecamatan Kersamanah Thursday (11/12) at around 23:00 WIB.
In the event, the house owned by Dedi Mulyadi (31) charred dilahap burnt. Camat Kersamanah, Drs. Sutiaman, accompanied the Head of Public Relations Setda Garut, Drs. Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, M.Si. say, when these incidents, all of the house which consists of 9 people lelap middle-lelapnya sleep. Needless to surrounding residents have been shouting to remind them that their successful escape from the fire siege.
It is said that the fire ablaze suspected came from the furnace forget off, with the quiet [at the room, spreading to the house and spread to all parts of the house. As a result, all the houses and goods inside, charred burned, so only a debris-debris only.
"Once there is to know that inflammatory fire burning house Dedi, a resident around immediate simultaneous attempt to make extinction. Although unsuccessful rescue Dedi home, but the efforts of citizens has been successfully to prevent the fire did not spread to other house residents," said Sutiaman.

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