Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Natural disaster response that the Garut district

Natural disaster response that the Garut district, other than concern Pemkab Garut, also received the attention of the province Jabar, and the central government.
The data in the office of the Office of Manpower and Transmigration Social Garut regency, during the period of January to mid December 2008, in which the fire occurred 117 times, 3 times of flooding, landslides, 108 times, 66 hurricane, earthquake, and 2 times. Meanwhile, victims of a lost, which until now has not been found, 5 people died and the injured - 5 people injured. Furthermore, 164 houses destroyed fruit, 435 houses heavily damaged fruit, light 432 homes damaged fruit, that threatened 1,261 homes fruit, due to flooding submerged houses 12 detainees. Other facilities were damaged as 1 unit of the schools, places of worship facilities 18, heavily damaged area of rice fields and gardens 36.2 hectares 5 hectares, is loss of billions of rupiah.
It is delivered Kadisnakersostrans District Garut, Dra, Hj. Elka Nurhakimah. M.Si. accompanied the Head of Public Relations Setda District Garut, Dik dik HENDRAJAYA Garut.
However, the handling of post-natural disaster in the area of Garut was leaving a problem that is quite complex, as mentioned by the Deputy Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf. Wagub Jabar expect, that the CPC, the police, and prosecutors have the same assessment criteria on natural disasters, in order to counter the
victims of natural disasters can quickly obtain assistance.

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