Saturday, December 20, 2008

Team Tipikor Polda Jabar rifle Warehouse Archive Office BPKD

Polda Jabar Tipikor (the crime of corruption) team of 10 people under the leadership Kasat Tipikor Polda Jabar, Commissioner of the purpose of the Sony Sonjaya rifle warehouse archives office BPKD (Agency Manager of Regional Finance) District Garut, Saturday (20/12).

The suspects made Tipikor Polda Jabar since it started at 10:00 to 13:00 hrs. In the shakedown, the team successfully Tipikor 47 files found that the aspirations of the people put in 19 dus (the size of packaged water), then the team garnishee its and entered into car team. In addition to confiscate and ransack files, Kasat also Tipikor and two check books, including the financial bookkeeping Arts Council of Garut (DKG) and Treasurer take information DKG, Ny. Entin.

After that, the team also inspection to the field.

According to Kabid Humas Polda Jabar, Commissioner of Dade accompanied Achmad Kasat Tipikor, the suspects was to find evidence in other cases to support the examination of social assistance funds or net aspirations of the people (love the net). Retrieved information, from Rp 73 billion, the budget comes from the postal funds Bansos Budgets year 2007, approximately Rp 15 billion allocated for projects Jasmar (Net Aspirations Community) stretcher through the people's representatives. Jasmar suspected of funding projects that are channeled through the local parliament members that there The reach between Rp 1.5 billion to Rp 2 billion more. Moreover, in including some members of the DPRD, which melt directly to the BPKD.

And predictably strong financial results pencairannya is not to be given to each villages mentioned in the profosal the diajukannya. Until now, Polda Jabar has set some members of the DPRD District. Hangu as suspects, and then check the 31 village heads (kades), former Kades, and the recipient of the project committee.

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