Monday, January 5, 2009

7 Robber Confining Security Guard and 3 Crew Fleet

Team hunting Sergap (Buser) Polresta Tasikmalaya cooperation with Polwil Priangan, now the middle of investigating the robbery case that befall the crew transport fleet of trucks, "ASP" in remember. Governor Sewaka, Lake, at about 24.30 Sunday (4 / 1) morning.
Kapolwil Priangan, Commissioner of Anton Charliyan MPKN accompanied Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner of purpose, Drs Aries Syarief Hidayat, Sunday (4 / 1) confirming, in the event of Jln. Governor Sewaka Neighborhood Sambongjaya Kec. Mangkubumi Tasikmalaya City.
According to Kapolwil Priangan, the mode of operandi of the suspects, namely confinement, and binding, and close the eyes of the victims with lakban. The suspected perpetrator of the seven people face with a closed kupluk use, the transportation company through the entrance gate. They entered the office and retrieve the aircraft provider and money worth Rp 1,020,000. The victims, which is tied Security guard Cecep (20), and three other crew each Gunawan (20), Keke (21), and Mamur (50).
According to the victim, Gunawan, is himself the night with friends sleeping on the porch or garage fleet of transport trucks, "ASP". Security guard while the guard is a task. Suddenly Gunawan was developed by people who impose "teregos" (face cover). He was with friends and armed robbery machete and threatened not to bedlam. He was with friends and escort a criminal Security guard to the post defense. Circle their feet, knees, and hands tied to the back saroong tatter by the suspects cut the perpetrator. The victim was in the face downward floor, and when Gunawan want to see the robber turn, suddenly his head was beaten actors, with empty hands. Later, he knows, Security guard Cecep also beaten his head with the handle of the samurai.
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